T-Girl Help

With most transvestites dressing only a few times a month, permanent solutions, like plastic surgery or hormone treatment, are too extreme. Therefore, most cross-dressers seek to enhance the cleavage and cinch in the waist with the help of corsetry and silicone breast forms. Such items can prove expensive, but two new online retailers are changing all that.


Transvestite Body Shaping

Silicone Sally is a Brighton-based retailer of silicone breast forms. Run by a female proprietor, Jo Lucas, the business was originally founded to provide breast enhancement for female customers, but it has since branched out to provide a wide range of breast forms for the male transvestite. These realistic, lightweight products come in a range of cup sizes and give a highly natural appearance. A realistic nipple completes the look of each breast form, enhancing the feminine feel and look.

Silicone Sally’s products add curve appeal to a flat male torso and work well in tandem with a corset or waist cincher from Hourglassfigure.co.uk. Also run by a female proprietor – in this case, lingerie designer, Geraldine Hurd – Hourglassfigure.co.uk also started with the female audience in mind. But a query from a cross-dresser, who had been struggling to find a corset suited to the male physique, led to a change of tack. Since then, the business has focussed on providing corsetry, basques and waist cinchers that are specifically suited to the male torso.

Corsets For Men

Suzy James, editor of transvestite publication, X-DRESSER Magazine, is a big admirer of both companies. She explains: “Not only do these retailers provide great products but they do so at an affordable price. A pair of breast forms and a corset used to set you back about £300, but now most transvestites can afford to have a voluptuous cleavage and an hourglass figure. And it doesn’t have to be permanent, like with surgery. You can whip your breasts and your corset on and off, as you please.”

With obtaining a female body shape such a key factor in making a transvestite feel all-woman, the online availability of affordable, high quality corsets and breast forms is great news for cross-dressers everywhere. No longer need a T-girl stop at just the clothes, high heels and make up – transvestites can now have an hour glass figure, too!

Sweater Weather Looks!

Now that it is football season you’ll want to get out your toastiest looks. Warm brown, gold and burgundy thick sweaters. Turtle necks go great with shorter hairstyles while V-necks make the perfect play with long hairstyles. Accessorize with a styllish light choker, scarf or small dainty pendent. Warm lip colors are the rage with golden under tones like gold dust, plum or brunt orange. Basic eye color to work from is gray, not black. With gray in the arch area of your eyelid, you can extend with plum, gold, brown and not to mention olive if you are so bold. Blushes can be two toned accented. Rose color just over the cheek bone, slightly under the cheekbone. Sleek it up with camel tone or nutmeg color. You’ll also want to set everything off with the perfect scent. Not too light. A little on the musky side. Scented oils are great if you are going to be outside for a time. Do not use coconut! I like coconut as much as the next guy, but you don’t want to be that obvious. People must say “What is that delicious scent.” Coconut is just too predictable. Orange cinnamon or sandalwood should do the trick. Now, unlike everything else sometimes it is hard to find these scented oils. Be sure that they are meant to be put on your skin. I have found then in special gift shops from time to time. Occasionally you can find them at your finer cosmetic counters. Rah, Rah, Rah!! 🙂

**If you are going to an inside event you may want to use something other than a scented oil as it may be too strong.

Face Tanning: Face tan with a safe sunless tanning lotion

Many people are scared to apply sunless tanning lotion to their face. It is something about being streaky and orange. Sunless tanning lotion can look very natural and pretty when done the correct way. With these tips you can have a safe, streak-free sunless tan on your face.

  1. First exfoliate with a mask.
  2. Second mix, in equal parts, sunless tanning lotion and your favorite moisturizer. I put just a small dab of each in the palm of my hand and stir it around with a cotton swab or my finger.
  3. Last step, apply in upward, circular motions to your face and neck. Be careful around your hairline, eyebrows, and ears.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

I love to use sunless tanning lotion at night so you wake up with a beautiful tan.

However, in the morning if it doesn’t look exactly like you had hoped, exfoliate your skin again. This will help buff away any mistakes you might have made and help it fade quickly.

For more tips and options on tanning, read Tanning by the Beauty writer, Trevy Thomas

Freelance Work in the Beauty World

Private Make-up:

Some make-up artists make a whole business of this kind of work as bridal artists or with celebrity clients. Bridal work is often the easiest kind to get paid fairly quickly for. It pays well and is fun and sociable but it is also easy to take a few steps to make sure that the business side of things runs smoothly.

  • Be clear about price and do not feel awkward about discussing this in an open manner before any work commences.
  • Quote no less than the average rate even at the expense of losing a job. Taking on a poorly paid job for someone who does not value your work will only lead to feeling exploited.
  • Hiring a freelancer can seem expensive but there are many essentials in this field including public liability insurance, a comprehensive and fresh kit as well as transport and advertising. Do the job to a high professional standard and then do not feel bad about costing the above into the business.
  • Some freelancers charge a cancellation fee or ask for a deposit before work is done. This is up to individuals but should be discussed clearly before any work is started.
  • Contracts are unusual for private work, but get booking confirmations via e mail or post. This way there is a written record of work undertaken which avoids confusion when it comes to paying.

Commercial Work:

  • Many television and advertising companies use a system of purchase orders when booking make-up artists. In order to invoice, the purchase order number needs to be quoted. Chase this up if the reference is not received quickly after a booking is made, as invoicing is not possible without it.
  • Read terms and conditions carefully as many companies have a long payment cycle. Invoicing before cut off dates speeds the process.
  • Non payment of invoices is rarely down to an inefficient accounts department. However, they are always helpful in chasing up owed monies. When payments are very late it often comes down to someone not signing off an invoice, but contacting the person who has it sitting on their desk unfortunately seldom works; even if that person hired you. Speaking to accounts can help get all correct papers signed off and payments made. This should be the first call.
  • Write professional looking invoices. It is acceptable to put a clause in the original invoice which warns that interest will be applied to late payments. This may in reality be hard to enforce but it does show that you mean business.
  • Send regular statements to late payers. These simply show the payment due, and interest owed but are similar to the credit card statements consumers routinely get. It keeps the debt current and is an annoying reminder to pay. .

It can be lonely starting out as a freelancer, needing to take every opportunity on offer without getting ripped off, so consider joining a body which has resources to help with the business side of the job. BECTU is the Broadcast Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union in the UK and has an excellent resources section to help freelancers invoice and obtain moneys owed with access to legal advice.

Keeping Your Cool

The challenges:

Working on location or in low budget productions in unusual spaces, the challenges are huge. From perspiring actors to melting materials, there a few things which can be done to help things run more smoothly. This will save money and time, keeping everyone happy and helping the work to look better.

Keeping Actors Cool:

Damp skin and perspiration is the enemy of good special effects make-up. This stops glues drying, makes everything slip off the skin, hinders blending and causes make-up to melt off before the camera starts to roll.


There are a few kit essentials that can help keep actors skin dry even in warm weather.

  • Hand held fans are ideal for helping to stay cool in between takes.
  • Blotting papers and tissues will blot away shine and perspiration without disturbing make-up.
  • Anti shine gels are useful but be careful to only use non-silicone varieties. Otherwise the silicone will coat the skin and make-up will not adhere.
  • Cooling cologne sticks or refreshing mists also help to keep a person cool, especially if applied to pulse points. Try Aveda Blue Oil for comfort.
  • Cleanse skin well with a clarifying cleanser before starting any effects and use a toner to make sure that oils are removed properly. Do not moisturize in warm conditions or before applying special effects.
  • Ensure a ready supply of cool drinks and remember that sitting in prosthetics for a filming day is usually fairly uncomfortable. Added to summer heat, this means that every opportunity should be taken to make an actor feel relaxed.

Keeping make-up cool:

  • Anything with a wax base will be oozing in warm conditions and very hard to blend successfully. Cool bags, the kind readily available for picnics are very useful in keeping products chilled. Molding waxes and other special effects materials prone to melting, can be kept in the fridge overnight and then removed to a cool bag for the shoot.
  • Look at alternative products; latex or anything which dries and can be molded is better than wax in the heat. Powder colors are better than cream.

General Tips:

  • For make-up artists who have hot hands which melt make-up and hinder the application of crisp special effects, keeping a bowl of cold or iced water nearby is the best remedy. Soak hands for a few seconds as often as necesary.
  • Make good use of brushes, spatulas and mixing pallets rather than hands in hot weather; this will also add to a repertoire of mark making skills so facilitate creative development.
  • Applying special effects can be an intimate affair, especially in warn conditions, so keep some sugar free mints or herbal pastilles to hand.
  • If summer air is particularly humid and stagnant, pay special attention to ventilation. It is the responsibility of the make-up designer and production company of films to ensure safe working conditions at all times. In humid weather, an open window in a make-up room is not adequate ventilation for special effects. Whether low budget or not, never endanger your own or actors’ health by working in unsuitable conditions.
  • Always keep actors and make-up out of direct sun light.

Beauty Bride Tips

Your Wedding! A day that every little girl dreams about.
But,  when it finally arrives, you haven’t exactly given much thought to how nervous
you will be and what it does to your body, not to mention your makeup.
The last thing you want is to soil your beautiful gown or walk down the aisle with your
perfectly mastered look, only to have it melting down under your eyes and cheek bones.

Well, never fear! There are solutions and tricks to fix the dreaded makeup melt down, as
well as steady your nerves.  I have chosen some top notch websites in the links section of
my page just for Brides that will help with makeup and wedding jitters.

First of all, relax! You are not the only one freaking out, getting zits and losing your hair.
These are normal stress reactions that happen to everyone as the big day gets closer!
No, you are not losing your mind.  Just remember it is normal to feel like your whole world
is crashing down, even when only one little thing is going a rye.  Most things are easily
fixed or adjusted.  Sometimes it helps a lot to talk to someone who has been through it.
Helps to calm your nerves!
Some say it is better to do your makeup before putting on your gown. Then some say it
is better to wait until your gown is on and put something over it.
This might work, if you’re having a professional makeup artist do your makeup.  Most of
us have to do it ourselves.  It is nerve wracking enough to have to worry about getting
something on your gown before the wedding.  Most Bridal gowns are complicated to get
on, just because of length, stiffness, trimming, pearls, beads, etc.
You would do better to do your makeup before you attempt your gown.  This way if any
of your makeup happens to rub off, it will be on the inside of the gown at worst.
You should also wear a clear deodorant or anti-perspiring.  This really wouldn’t matter
that much, unless you’ve chosen an off white gown.  Clear anti-per spirants, as appose to
the white stick, do not stain and you will stay dryer so that there will be no wet stain that
would show.
Practice putting on your makeup in the light that you will be seen in for the reception.
Because this light will be a little brighter, and more people will see you up close.
Carry a beauty blotter (sold in most drug stores) with your handkerchief or bouquet to
discreetly blot excess oil, as this usually happens because of nerves and excitement

Don’t worry, too much, about your hair.  A simple hairdo will save stress when things get

Clean Up Your Beauty Routine: Bad Makeup Habits Can Seriously Damage Your Look

But while certain blush and lip colors may simply fade away as the day heats up, a mascara meltdown will leave you looking like a pro quarterback painted with eye black. Here are a number of ways to keep lashes fabulous, flirty and smear-proof even in three-digit heat.

  1. Go colorless. Clear mascara will thicken and darken your lashes without leaving a residue.


2.. Use a lash curler. Youll need less mascara. Sanitize utensil before use and work it with care. Always curl lashes before applying mascara.

  1. 3. Mascara will smudge when in contact with oily or over moisturized skin. Since warm weather kicks oil glands into high gear, gently blot away excess oil from lids before applying. Switch to a lighter moisturizer in summer and wait until its been fully absorbed into the skin before opening that mascara tube.
  2. Apply mascara only to tips of upper lashes. The closer mascara gets to either lash line, the greater the chance for smearing when perspiration moistens lids. Leave bottom lashes bare or apply colorless mascara to them.
  3. Try a waterproof, smudgeproof mascara. According to WebMD.com the less water a mascara formula contains, the the lower the chances it will smear. Find a good waterproof mascara by checking product reviews at MakeupAlley.com or the Good Housekeeping Research Institutes waterproof mascara testing results at GoodHousekeeping.com.
  4. Depending on the brand, waterproof mascaras can also have lengthening or volumizing properties.
  5. Waterproof, smudgeproof mascaras often require an eye makeup removal product for thorough cleansing. Choose a gentle one and follow its use by washing your face with soap and water.
  6. Contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes should check with their eye doctors before using waterproof and smudgeproof mascaras.
  7. When you apply mascara–whatever the season–dont pump the applicator wand, say the pros at CoverGirl.com. Doing so will add air to the container, causing the mascara to thicken, which can clump when applied. And clumpy mascara is more likely to flake on your skin.
  8. Apply summer mascara with a light hand and use a lash comb to prevent clumping.
  9. Buy a lower lash mascara product for easier, cleaner application.
  10. Avoid rubbing eyes. Summers high pollen counts often cause itchiness. Its not good to rub eyes under any circumstance, and if youre wearing mascara youll end up looking like a raccoon.
  11. Removing mascara smudges. If the mascara is wet, let it dry. It will be easier to flick off without leaving a residue. Then take a dry Q-tip and gently dab away the mascara flakes.
  12. Summer, winter, spring or fall, the pros recommend not keeping your mascara–waterproof or otherwise–more than 3 months.
  13. Read the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines for more tips on eye cosmetic safety.

Hair and Makeup Skills for Followers of the Emo Fashion Scene

Hair mascara today is a perfect solution not only for covering new growth of grey or natural color roots, but also for decorating or jazzing up a hairstyle. Products made for events such as Halloween, masquerade parties, and the stage can be messy and very difficult to remove. However, hair mascara is quick, easy; clean to use, and simple to wash out.

Colored Hair Mascara for Parties, Halloween and Masquerade Events

Perfect for color streaks to brighten up the day, or for an event that calls for costumes, this nifty item enables creativity in a short space of time. Not only for touch-ups in regular colors, multi colored mascara sticks are a great idea for completing a costume, making up a stage actor or dressing up for a fancy dress party. Be daring, and try some red, blue or gold strokes for fun. This quick and useful cosmetic is far superior, and less messy than stage hair color, and washes out quickly and easily.


Available Hair Mascara Brands for Everyone

  • L’Oréal Hair Mascara – all shades
  • Rashell Cosmetics sells a number of colors at about $8.00 per wand
  • Calypso Hair Mascara includes a regular color range and multi-colors which are perfect for Halloween and parties.

Check out cosmetic companies on the Internet or type in “colored hair mascara” and find many brands that offer a wide range of exciting colors of your choice.

Creative Costume Ball or Halloween Ideas with Colored Hair Mascara

Here are some suggestions for hair decoration with hair mascara:

  • Brown and green streaks – a tree
  • Orange streaks – a lion
  • Grey/white streaks – a witch, a wizard
  • Green and white streaks – a watermelon
  • Orange brown streaks – a broom
  • Yellow colors – a flower
  • Silver / gold – princess, queen

Use colors just for effect and fun, even if a particular character or costume is not worn. Many people feel shy or silly getting into costume, but they don’t mind adding colors to their hair. The ease of use with colored hair mascara can create simple but interesting embellishments.

Join the group; be part of the party and add some color to those locks!

Jacket Jackets Jackets!

The Best Jackets for a Pear-Shaped Body Type

A pear-shaped body type basically is what it sounds like it. The woman’s body resembles a pear with a slimmer upper body and a larger shaped lower body that usually starts around the hips. Women who have pear-shaped bodies definitely want to draw attention away from their lower body, especially the hips and thighs.


The best jackets for a woman with a pear-shaped body have a slight A-line to them to make the fit better around the hips. The article of clothing should be no longer than the hips and should never hit at the widest part of the thighs. For a change of pace, pear-shaped women should wear the jacket open to help balance out their frame.

The Best Jackets for Plus-size Women

Plus size is usually constituted as size 14 and up in women’s sizes. The thing to remember with plus sizes is that a woman can also be pear shaped as well as plus-size and should definitely try on clothes before purchasing.

Plus-size women should avoid jackets that are square and boxy and instead opt for cuts that are curvier and accentuate curves, not hide them. Smaller prints are a great way to add interest to an outfit, and they will help to flatter the woman’s body. Also, adding interest to a jacket such as a statement collar or a large brooch pin can help draw attention upwards to a woman’s face. Jackets for plus-size women should not be in heavier fabrics, as this only adds bulk to the body.

The Best Jackets for Boy-Shaped Body Types

Women who have boy-shaped body types lack a lot of curves and instead are the same size on the top as on the bottom. Some people also call this body shape a straight body type.

When looking for a jacket for a boy-shaped body type, look for ones that will add curves to the body or that will accentuate the curves that the woman has. Belted jackets can be a girl’s best friend if they have a boy-shaped body. The belt helps to add definition to a waist and accentuate the hips. If not wearing a belt, the jacket should cinch in at the waist as well as have some other feature that helps to create curves such as pockets or pleats. Women who have a straight body shape should definitely avoid baggy jackets that overwhelm their frame.

The Best Jackets for Busty Women

Women who have a larger bust often find it hard to find jackets that fit properly. Often the jacket will fit well in the stomach and hips but the woman will not be able to properly button the jacket or the blazer just looks ill-fitting up top.

Women who have larger busts should avoid cropped jackets and instead make sure the clothing hits at the hips or lower. This helps to balance the top of the body to the bottom. A single breasted style does better for busty women than a double breasted style. Lastly, women should avoid too much going on around the bust line with their jacket. Avoid ones with large lapels or statement collars. If needed women can wear the jacket open, but it still should fit properly across the bust.

Jackets can be a great way to dress up an outfit as well as look more stylish and put together. Not every woman is going to look good in every style of jacket, but instead women should shop according to their body shapes and find the best fits for them.

All About Yams

Health Benefits of Wild Yam

As well as being used as a tonic, wild yam has also been understood to have certain properties similar to the hormone progesterone. In The Essential Guide to Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements, Brewer (2010) highlights key health benefits and healing properties associated with wild yam, to include the following:

  • is rich in steroidal saponins, including disogenia (used in oral contraceptive pills)
  • helps improve mood, feelings of well-being
  • reduces colic symptoms
  • relieves period pain cramps
  • helps treat uterine contractions (as in labour pain)
  • eases gallstone pain
  • can be used a a remedy for endometriosis pain
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • help treat rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • can be used for diverticulitis sufferers
  • contains antioxidant properties
  • increases beneficial levels of good cholesterol

In Healing Supplements, Lakin et al. (2006) identify some further health benefits related to wild yam, as follows:


  • helps treat joint pain
  • relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms
  • may ease some menopausal symptoms
  • muscle relaxant properties
  • aids digestion
  • helps reduce irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms

Wild Yam Forms, Dosage and Side Effects

Wild yam is available in several different forms, as a capsule, cream, tablet, tincture, softgel and dried herb, for making wild yam tea. According to Brewer (2010) the typical dosage of wild yam in capsule form is between 250-500 mg, either once or twice a day, while Lakin et al. (2006) recommend taking wild yam, as follows:

  • wild yam tincture – half teaspoon three or four times daily
  • wild yam tablet – 500 mg twice daily
  • wild yam softgel – 500 mg twice daily
  • wild yam tea – three cups a day

Making wild yam tea is quick and simple: just buy some dried wild yam herb from the health food store, place two or three teaspoons in a cup and add hot water. Then leave for around 15 minutes to cool down. Side effects associated with taking wild yam as a herbal remedy are relatively rare, usually only occurring when one takes very high doses. Excessive wild yam dosages have been reported to result in symptoms such as nausea and diarrhoea.

As highlighted above, wild yam is native to North and Central America, and has been used since as far back as the Aztecs to help relieve pain. Wild yam has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, relaxant and antioxidant properties. The herb is used to relieve period pain and premenstrual syndrome symptoms, menopausal symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), indigestion, colic, arthritis and gallstone pain.